Florida Native Flora

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For thank yous to well wishes, custom Florida native plant themed note card set. Set includes 10 single themed cards and 10 blank envelopes. 

Please select one style of the below or select the full collection* for a set of 1 of each design (12). 

Magnolia virginiana | Sweet Bay
Thrinax radiata | Florida Thatch Palm
Erythrina herbacea | Coral Bean
Capparis cynophallophora | Jamaican Caper
Calyptranthes zuzygium | Myrtle of the River
Suriana maritima | Bay Cedar 
Helianthus debilis | Beach Sunflower
Callicarpa americana | American Beauty Berry
Coreopsis floridana | Tickseed
Coccolaba uvifera | Sea Grape
Lysiloma Latisiliquum | Wild Tamarind
Randia Aculeata | White Indigoberry
*Full Collection Sold Out
    • 3.5" L × 5" W
    • 130# paper
    • Set of 10 folded note cards (single theme) & envelopes
    • Blank inside
    • 80# white bar back envelope

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